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            Eimi Piñero is an artist residing in the stunning Hudson Valley of New York, with her family and 2 pups. An alumna of The Fashion Institute of Technology, with a BFA in Illustration, she began her career as a Production Artist. This experience helped to build her own freelance career as an illustrator and enter the world of publication.  
    Eimi is a published illustrator and member of SCBWI. She has a special love for fantasy, folklore, and mythology. These genres of stories inspire her to create art that evokes enchantment and fantastical impressions.  Her empowering imagination guides her to work with all mediums of art. Although she trained in the traditional methods of painting with oils and other mediums, she believes there are many new ways she can approach art today. 
         In her spare time, she loves to just relax at home with a good book, a playlist to match with a bottomless cup of coffee. Living that mom life, Eimi's favorite moments are reliving childhood joys through her children. Re-experiencing gaming, comics, amusement parks, shows, and movies with them is the best way to nourish that child inside all of us.

As of today, she has been studying the Folklores of her Taíno ancestors and plans to incorporate these tales in future projects. Eimi looks forward to creating new illustrations for publication, and has a positive outlook to what else awaits her creatively.

 The excitement of holding your 1st and very own illustrated book cover is a feeling I never want to forget. Sharing this experience with my sister is just pure elation!


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